My writings about Food and Cooking

A little about me: I cook a lot, mostly dinner at home for my family and friends but sometimes for massive parties of upwards of 200 people. I’ve been doing sous vide cooking since 2010. I run a food blog called Unselling Convenience (also @unsellingconvenience on Instagram if you’d rather follow along there), which is mostly an inspiration board and memory database of things I’ve enjoyed cooking and probably want to cook again. I believe that shortcuts are great, but not at the expense of quality. I administer the Everyday Sous Vide and Instant Pot Love groups on Facebook. I enjoy inspiring other people to cook and giving advice. The following is an index of some of the good stuff of what I’ve written about food and cooking.


This page is no longer being updated, I’ve moved my index page to

Go check it out there!

My Cooking Kit

Equipment & Techniques

On Food and Eating

About Some Specific Foods

Play with your food

I love to geek out about this stuff, and feedback is welcomed! Leave a comment here, or find me @fields on twitter or @unsellingconvenience on instagram.



I am Co-Founder/Chief Engineer of, this is my personal account. * *

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